How Do Parenting Styles Affect Academic Success?


How Do Parenting Styles Affect Academic Success?

In the early years of life, parents have a large influence on their children’s development and future successes. As a parent, you know that there is no one way to raise a child. The type of parenting style that is used can have long-term impacts on many aspects of the child’s life including academic performance. Parenting styles not only affect the academic success of children but also their emotional and mental well-being.

If you want your child to succeed academically, should you use a strict parenting style? What about using an authoritative or permissive approach? In this blog post I will explore how different parenting styles affect academic success and end with a solution that will give your child the best chance of succeeding in their academic life.


1. Authoritarian Parenting

 “Go into your room! I told you so! Rules are rules, no questions asked!” – Sound familiar?

This style of parenting focuses on obedience and sincerity with disregard for a child’s perspective. To this parent, a child is like a robot who is supposed to do as directed and disregard his feelings. The parents do not allow the children to make their own choices. A box of rules and regulations confine the children. Thus, the children feel hollow and unvalued.

Authoritarian parenting prepares a recipe for disaster when it comes to academic support. The child is never encouraged and the results is a fragile, timid child who is incapable of making a decision. Most kids suffer from self-esteem issues and soon become resilient to everything their parents say. The children could also be living in constant fear of punishment and start to lie about their grades. They also build a wall of rage and become emotionless.


2. Authoritative Parenting

“I am your parent first and your friend later.”

The authoritative parenting style follows the parent and friend approach. These parents establish rules for their children but the difference is that they also understand their child’s opinions and needs. They care about their child’s emotions and focus on his behavioural growth.

This parenting style also develops a friendly relationship between the parents and the child. The result is a child who is confident about expressing how they feel and are most likely to be academically successful. The children are also well-disciplined and understand what education can do to their lives. The values imbibed by the parents bring out a laser-focused and valuable citizen in society who live an emotionally balanced life in the future.

3. Permissive Parenting

“Yes, yes, it’s Okay.”

The parents get too friendly with the kids and do not enforce any rules. They are easy-going and candid with their kids. They fulfill the whims and wishes of their kids and do not make any effort to teach their kids about discipline and obedience.

This parent does not bother to call out the children for making poor choices or showcasing bad behavior towards people. The result is a child who suffers from low self-esteem issues. Permissive parenting takes a toll on a child’s academic performance due to a lack of discipline and sincerity in their lives. This child is not able to study regularly without any distractions, has poor time management skills and motivation. This is mainly because they have a chilled-out attitude towards their academic performance.

4. Helicopter/Uninvolved Parenting

“Who’s child is that?”

This style of parenting does not give any parental attention. These parents do not have any interest in raising their child. They are too busy making ends meet. The nurture, growth, and guidance that a child needs are hard to find in uninvolved parenting.

The academic success of a child is affected most negatively in uninvolved parenting. The kids miss out on every ounce of wisdom they need to understand the importance of education, problem-solving skills, discipline, etc.  This child really suffers in school and has poor self esteem and discipline.


Final Take Away

The right parenting style helps kids in finding their place in the world and understanding who they are. However, because there are no perfect human beings, there are bound to be flaws in our parenting styles. The good news is that there is a solution!

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