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9TH - 18RD JANUARY 2023

Performance Accelerator Program

As a parent, you know how important the KCPE and KCSE exams are to ensuring a bright next step in your child’s life. And like any parent, you understand that success takes determination, preparation, and knowing how to work smart.

Age Group: Grade 4 and Form 4 Program

Which is why we created the highly effective Performance Accelerator Program – designed to accelerate your child’s learning ability and improve retention while equipping him/her with the best exam-passing techniques in the world.

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Performance Accelerator Program 80%

Genius Activator Program

Boost your child’s Brain Development with the Genius Activator Program.

Program Details

You know how far your child can go, if given the right support early on in life. And you’re looking for a program that will give him or her the strong foundation you know your child deserves.

That’s why we created the Genius Activator Program* specifically with your 5 – 12-year-old in mind.

Conducted through a combination of face-to-face training, weekly support sessions, and fun at-home guided practice, it’s a program designed to develop your child’s critical faculties such as; Concentration, Memory retention, Intelligence, Learning ability

So, give your child’s cognitive development a boost so he can perform at his best, right from the start.

Activities Involved

✓ Visual Technology

✓ Brain Gym Exercise

✓ Eyeball Exercise

✓ Audio Technology

✓ Concentration exercises

✓ Imagination exercises

✓ And so much more

Benefits of the Genius Activator Program

✓ Enhance concentration

✓ Improves memory and hence improved academic

✓ Improves creativity

✓ Emotional stability

✓ Enhances sporting performance

✓ Balance use of right and left brain thus a balanced character

blissful life

Life Coaching

“Our goal is to equip you with strategies to maintain a happy, healthy, and balanced life”

We understand that Career, family and personal issues can get in the way of living your best life. Life transitions, such as separation, divorce, unemployment, childhood behavior problems, addiction, terminal illness, and death are difficult to manage.

Often, it’s hard to move through these experiences on your own. Peak Performance International, is here to offer you support during these trying times, with strategies that will get you and your family to the next stage in your life.

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