Shocking Truths About the National Exam Results


Shocking Truths About the National Exam Results

You may or not know the National exam results performance for the past 3 years is not a laughing matter. After doing a study of the KNEC exams over a span of 3 years, it is surprising that over 80% of Kenyan exam candidates in KCPE get 400 marks and below. A shocking 50% get between 300 to 200 marks and 25% get under 200 marks!


We have to wonder what happened to the students that don’t get into their choice of high school or even continue on. These students most likely take casual jobs, get married too young and many fall into drugs and alcohol because of frustration. These same students end up living off parents who are not as energetic and have their own needs and bills too. This is not the dream that parents or their students ever had for their lives.

What does the National Exams Results mean for future candidates and their parents?

It means they must do something different to get out of the 80% probability of not passing their exams and going onto high school and into university. The difference is here at Peak Performance! The Performance Accelerator Program is designed to get the best out of EVERY student, by using proven study methods, learning techniques and memory retention skills, your student will know how to perform at the top of their class. Learn all about the program here.
See what parents and past students have said about their results here.

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